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 The Magic Wand

There are so many advantages in using The Magic Wand. Best of all is the convenience of getting your work project or job completed much faster then labor intensive time consuming process of using abrasive pads, grinding or using messy and caustic paste or gel. One of the bigest advantage over our competiors is price - Our electronic weld cleaner is valued price and state-of-art engineering for superior performance, reliability, and durablity. Diversified Products has been in business since 1994 selling it's products world wide. Removing weld burns on stainless steel doesn't have to be time consuming and expensive, order online today and see how The Magic Wand can benefit your company. Check out our video to see some of The Magic Wand features.

Take a look at the video what The Magic Wand looks like.

Check out the rest of our website to learn more on cleaning weld burns on stainless steel. Our weld cleaner is simply the best value.