The Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is our flagship product. If you are interested in cleaning stainless steel weld burns then The Magic Wand is for you. It's designed for years of heavy-duty use. It's superior performance and reliability makes it the right tool for the job. It's easy to use, portable, comes equipped with a built-in carrying handle for convenient handling, space saving, impact-resistant sturdy wear and scratch resistant case with cord holder (rust and corrosion proof). Maintenance-free, heavy-duty transformer for long, dependable and reliable service. The Magic Wand easily cleans stainless steel weld burns.

The Magic Wand is light weight, only 7 pounds with the wand and ground clamp suitable to take it to any job site with an AC outlet. Low and high setting - Low setting at 14 volts and High setting at 28 volts. For safely The Magic Wand is fuse protected - (fast-acting 10 amp fuse), and On/Off switch with an On indicator light. User friendly color coded wand and ground clamp for ease of use. The wand is triple-insulated with splash resistant ergonomic grip for added insulation and comfort. The Magic Wand cleans immediately and is economical to use. Take control of your shop productivity save precious time and labor.
The Magic Wand Weld Cleaning System Kit includes:
  • 1 - Magic Wand
  • 1 - Specially designed triple insulated color coded wand with splash resistant ergonomic grip (ten foot lead)
  • 1 - Super-Grip, 50 amp color coded ground clamp with (six foot lead)
  • 1 - Fiberglass cloth/roll (50 yards)
  • 2 - Additional fast-acting 10 amp fuse
  • One Year Warranty
For our European customers or customers who uses 240 volts you will need to use a voltage converter that converts 240 volts to 120 volts that has capability of 400 watts